The heart of industrial automation generally constist of a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) and is a correct use of it in the plants that determine the performances, reliability, flexibility and ease of use. These hardware components, in recent years, have undergone a great evolution, both in terms of performance, both in the fields of use, power and connectivity. Last but not least, the languages ​​/ programming methods now have a high degree of standardization.

This evolution means that nowadays it is no longer sufficient to beskilled electricians to define ourselves as PLC programmers, because it is necessary to have a wider knowledge. The development of software for PLCs requires specific skills in the use of development platforms of the lead competitors in the field of industrial automation.

For this reason it is also the most delicate part of the project. It requires an absolute mastery of the use of development tools, the perfect knowledge of the hardware components used and, obviously, the competence related to the production or process that the plant must perform.

Often the genre of plant requires specific knowledge for the correct management of problems, this is why some of our technicians have specialized (some in the process field and some in the machinery), trying to standardize the software wherever possible.

Within the definition ‘Software for PLC‘ there are various types of control and regulation: Logic control logic and automatic sequences of movement or flow management Diagnostic check of utilities and devices Motion Control Systems, Position Control and Speed Process control and PID settings Fieldbus management and industrial networks Communication and data exchange between systems



We use Siemens controllers, from the obsolete S5 to the recent 1200 and 1500, passing through the S7 300/400 family, using the Step 7 and TIA Portal development systems.


We use B&R controllers, mainly the ones of the X20 family, using the Automation Studio development system

SCHNEIDER We use the Telemecanique controllers (mainly the Premium family, but even Micro and Nano), Modicon (M380 / M580) and ELAU (LMC family), using the PL7 Pro, Unity and SO Machine development systems
ROCKWELL We use Allen-Bradley controllers, mainly those of the CompactLogix family, but even MicroLogix and ControlLogix, using the RSLogix development system
OMRON We use the OMRON controllers  (C-x)
SAIA We use the Saia Burgess Controls controllers, those of the PCD-x family, using the Saia PG5 Controls Suite development system
CODESYS  We use the CODESYS soft PLC 3.x