SIEI Automazioni offers, for the PC / Windows environment, supervision solutions for technological systems, operator interfaces for machines / production lines, data collection applications, area controllers … and much more.

In particular we are able to offer:

Design and development of CUSTOM software for supervision, monitoring and regulation of technological systems, developed with RAD packages in Win32 environment (for example MS Visual Basic 6, Borland Delphi, Borland C ++ Builder) and with the latest tools in the .NET environment (Microsoft Visual Studio, with VB.NET and C # and Embarcadero RAD Studio) , we develop interfaces for WinForm or WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation).

Typical features implemented in our software are:

  • Animated synoptic representation of the system Management of machine parameters or preset data
  • Recipes / part-programs management
  • Real-time alarms management
  • Sampling of Meausures, Historical storage of Alarms, Events and functional and / or productive plant data
  • Graphical trends of measured quantities
  • Printouts and Reports
  • Protection/security features (login, password) at multiple levels
  • Communications with PLC, CNC, PC and custom electronics
  • Connectivity with ERP and MES systems

and much, much more (depending on YOUR needs).

Design and development of applications based on commercial SCADA for supervision, monitoring of technological systems, for the Windows operating systems. The SCADA packages we use the most are Progea Movicon and ASEM Premium HMI (Wonderware InTouch, Rockwell Factory Talk SE and Siemens WinCC are some of the other systems we support)

Design and development of serial and / or Ethernet network (Communication Drivers) communication protocols / drivers, even for CUSTOM equipments.

We have acquired considerable experience in the use of the most widespread protocols (for example MPI, Profibus, S7 Softnet, MODBus, UniTelway)

Data Management on the most well known Relational Databases (MS SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, MariaDB, PostGres, MS Access)

Development of Web Services , both Client and / or Server, for connection with Cloud

Design and development of ActiveX, VCL (Borland) or .NET components for Windows operating systems.